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Digital Citizenship is becoming an important topic in education. Children today have more access to numerous types of technology, whether it be cell phones, tablets, or gaming consoles before they even step inside a classroom. This generation of children are being referred to as Digital Natives. Their ability and dependency on technology has opened up many new avenues in how they learn and express themselves.

One negative aspect that has reared its ugly head into this Digital Shangri-La is how students interact with each other online. Cyber-bullying and Netiquette are becoming topics that are now addressed in schools nationwide.

To introduce students to the idea of Netiquette, I assigned students a simple prompt on Edmodo that also tied in with our Character Counts week.  I asked students which of the Six Pillars of Character was the most important. I started a discussion online, and gave students a sentence starter

As important as ___________ is, I believe that _________ is the most important characteristic because…

They had to read the previous statement and then politely disagree with that person, and explain what they believed was the most important characteristic.

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