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Collages are fun for kids to do. All you need are magazines and scissors. But what do you do for pre-teen Digital Natives who are more comfortable with their cell phones than a pair of scissors? Make an Instagram-like challenge. Instagram challenges, like the one below, list a number of topics or subjects that you have to post a picture of on a certain day.


What teen doesn’t like to take pictures of themselves? And the Selfie has even been voted as Word of the Year! So let’s take that idea, something the Digital Native is familiar with, and use it to build upon any theme we are covering in class or current holidays and incorporate it into our lessons. Working on parabolas in math. Take a selfie with a real object. Reading Romeo and Juliet? Assign them to create 5 selfies that one of the characters would have taken during various scenes of the play.

I’m trying to encourage my 9th graders to check their Edmodo more often, so I assigned an extra credit assignment for the Thanksgiving Holiday: A Thanksgiving Selfie-Scavenger Hunt.


Students have been challenged to take a picture of themselves with various objects or people in the background. The selfie part is important, because it will not allow them to copy internet pictures or pictures their friends have shared. It forces each individual student to create. For my assignment, I require students to create a collage of selfies so they can practice submitting a single image to Edmodo. As you can see, a student asked what they could do if they don’t have the technology necessary. If all else fails, you can always accept a hard copy.

But finding free apps for creating collages shouldn’t be to difficult. Here is a screen shot I took of an App Store search:


As you can see, six free versions popped up. I use InstaCollage.
Here is the version I will be sending out to our entire school to participate in. After all, why should my kids have all the fun? I will be posting any submissions to our Pinterest Page. Here is the challenge:

************************* UPDATE******************************
Here is a link to the Thanksgiving Selfie Challenge. I think I will continue the challenge with one for Christmas.