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There are so many great things that high school clubs do. Blood drives. Trick or Treat for Hunger. Canned Food Drives. Feeding the homeless. And I know the clubs do it because it connects the kids to their community. And I want to celebrate that! I want people to know about these great events. I want our communities to be proud of our students. I want a synergetic effect to take place, where community members and businesses are motivated by our students and want to help. Once that happens, things begin to snowball. The problem is no body knows. Our communities don’t know. Heck, sometimes the clubs are small because it takes students a few years to realize that community service is important for their college applications.


So how to we get our future students to know and join clubs earlier? How do we get our neighbors to know what’s happening? How do we connect to community businesses? We advertise using social media! Here are 4 things that every high school club needs to have:


  1. Twitter Account
  2. Blog
  3. Pinterest/Instagram
  4. Updated Teacher Profile Page

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Twitter Account

Each club should have a dedicated twitter account. One of your club officers should have access to the account on their cell phone. The club officers will be able to remind  its members of meeting times, tweet minutes from the meeting, and give live updates and photos of actual events. You can also tweet links to the club’s web page & other social media applications.

As with all of these suggestions, the advisor should create the account with their email or a school provided email account. This will ensure the account gets passed down from club member to club member.

Blogs are a great way to leave a record of your events. Pictures of club members in action, interacting with the student body and the community. Photographic proof that your students can point to as proof of what they accomplished for parents. But it’s also a chance for your club officers to articulate their planning of the event, their execution of it, and the results.

Oh you did a blood drive? That’s nice. Wait, you collected 65 pints? Wow, that’s impressive. You collected canned food for the homeless… Ok. 500 pounds of food? How did you guys manage that? Even small successes are successes. Look at all those smiling volunteers! Each time it happens, you motivate someone else to join. And if you have sponsors/large donors- you take pictures of their “brand” and it makes them look good. And they can brag about helping you, which motivates other businesses to want to join your event.

Let students post these events on the blog. It helps with their communication skills. Of course, you should edit or outline what they should write about. But let them write.

I like using WordPress because you can add widgets that will automatically post feeds from your twitter account. You can also have it auto post images that you pin to your Pinterest board.

Pinterest (Adults) and Instagram (students) his how we communicate with images. Know your audience. I like Pinterest because you can capture an image from your blog post, and when people double click it, it links them to your blog where they can read about the event, and then check out some of your other posts. Your students probably have had an Instagram account for a couple of years already. They love to see themselves on the internet – so give them a positive activity that they can share with their friends and followers. Maybe it will motivate their friends to join your next event. It all dovetails into each other.

Update Your Teacher Profile On The School’s Website
Adding all these pieces of info are really important. Give parents and students that search for your contact info see this information. You’ll get more interest. It’s free advertising! And while you are at it, you should list all this information in the auto signature of your email for the same reason. Every time you answer a parent email, there is a chance that they will check out your club’s blog, see the great community work your kids are doing, and maybe volunteer some of their time and resources. Even if 10 parents see it, and only one asks about it, its still someone that’s one more you would have never had. I can’t say this enough: It’s free advertising! How can you afford not to?