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My classes tend to have very structured assessment schedules. In my Pre-AP Euro class, students have two weeks to read an assigned chapter. At the end of that two weeks, students take a 10-question eQuiz, via Edmodo. They are also tested on their “Anderson” dates – 21 dates/eras that correspond to the chapters, as well as the corresponding dates/eras from within the chapter. Every two weeks… like clockwork. We’ve also taken time to learn how to write mini-DBQs. But not every assessment should be multiple choice or short answer.

I like to give my students the opportunity to be creative in some of their assessments. Their instructions were as follows:

Groups of 8 will produce a TV Broadcast or create an eMagazine covering all the information from a chapter in your text book. I will post a note so asking which project you want to do. You can comment either TV or eMag, and you can find people that want to do the same project as you.

Periods 1 can select from chapters 3-6.
Periods 2 can select from chapters 7-10.
Periods 4 can select from chapters 3-6.
Periods 5 can select from chapters 7-10.


Look at the chapter outlines and the text book preview questions to find the natural breaks in the chapter to use as the basis of assigning “stories.” You are a journalist, so make sure you frame the information as if your perspective was 75% through the story. That way, you can report on the “past”, update your audience on the “present,” and then accurately predict the “future.”


You have 1 week to organize your stories and present them as an eMagazine or a Youtube TV News Broadcast. GO!

So here are the results of my students work:

Period 1: Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6

Period 2: Chapter 7 – Chapter 8 – Chapter 9Chapter 10

Period 4: Chapter 3 Chapter 4 – Chapter 5 – Chapter 6

Period 5: Chapter 7 – Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10

The above chapters in red link to projects that earned a 8 or better out of 10. An example of an exceptional eMagazine is Period 2/Chapter 9.

I’d like to take a moment to thank MadMagz and its staff for 1) creating this website and 2) being so helpful to one of my students. Although it is geared toward businesses creating and printing magazines for sale, MadMagz allows their product to be used to create eMagazines for classroom use. One of my groups had a technical issue with the website. They emailed the staff, and they were able to recover an earlier version, and saved their project.

So, take a look at some of the magazines and tell me what you think!