The District gave us the opportunity to offer some Attendance Recovery on a few Saturdays. I chose to task these students with a little “enrichment” assignment: Apply the “Hero’s Journey” to one of my favorite Disney Movies: Wreck It Ralph. (Let me take this moment to thank Mrs. Lam for covering Joseph Campbell’s theory of the Monomyth in her 9th grade English class.)

So, we gathered on a Saturday morning at 8am to watch the film. Kids brought snacks. I brought papers to grade. Two hours flew by, especially with me turning my attention away from the essays and towards the screen.

After the movie ended, we strolled to the computer lab, and I introduced my students to a program called Tackk. (Let me take a moment to thank Mrs. Palomares for introducing this program to her 10th grade history classes where it caught my eye on twitter.) Tackk is another format of blogging that blends visuals and text seamlessly, allowing users to create simple web pages.

The instructions were simple: use what you learned about The Hero’s Journey and apply it to Wreck It Ralph. Make sure you use visuals to illustrate your claims.

Here are the results of my students work.

Darwin Flores     Jason Bravo     Priscilla De Luna

Armando Godoy-Velasquez     Carlos Serrano

Sofia Rodriguez     Jonathan Quintana     Gisselle Sainz

Heavenlee Vasquez     Johanna Capriette

James Garcia     Yadira Torres