The TeacherPortal is down, and I can’t update grades. All I can do is post your scores from the Final Exam. The list is separated by periods, and it will list the percentage by Student IDs.


This was a monster of a Text book Company Generated Exam, and I gave it for the following reasons:

  1. Its a wake-up call for what the AP exam will look like next year. AP tests are difficult. The choices are very similar, and nothing is obviously wrong… unless you really studied.
  2. Many of my 9th graders have relied on their “natural abilities” and test taking skills to get by. What I consider studying for a final exam and what my 9th graders consider studying are on the opposite ends of the spectrum.
  3. Smooth Seas Do Not Make Skillful Sailors is an African proverb that is a favorite of math teacher Steve Francis. And its dead on, too! Only through struggle can we learn from what worked and what didn’t. It’s like I tell my own children: We learn more from our mistakes then from our successes.
It was 99 questions, multiple choice. There were 11 questions per chapter. Students took the test in two parts, one 50 minute period on Monday, and one 80 minute block period on Tuesday or Wednesday. It was open book and open note.  Any score in the 35% is average for the class. 
35/144 students scored better than 40%.
22/144 students scored better than 45%
15/144 students scored better than 50%
10/144 students scored better than 55%
8/144 students scored better than 65%
1/144 student scored better than 80%
So what should we take away from this result? 
  1. This test was a monster.
  2. These kids faced a monster and now know what they need to do to conqueror it. Study. Study. STUDY!
  3. A few of these kids have a photographic memory or an incredible work ethic… or both!
  4. I am very proud of these ladies and gentlemen for their hard work all semester. Keep your chin up. Learn from this. Scoring low on this test AND realizing that you just can’t “wing it” is one of the greatest lessons you can take away from this class.

Since I know everyone is wondering who did the best, here are the Top 16 scores on the test.