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First days are always fun. Especially with 9th graders. Last year they were the big fish in the little pond. But today they made the jump from pond to lake.

We held a #Freshmen1stDay yesterday, and they had the campus all to themselves. The entire freshmen class was split into 2 main groups, and then split into numerous subgroups by wristband colors that they were given when they checked in. As soon as they received their bands, they started trickling into the main gym. I think they were a little surprised because the Link Crew flanked both sides of the doorway, a la AYSO, and applauded the incoming freshmen as they entered. School staff was there to direct them to which side of the gym to sit on.

I wish I could tell you about Principal KWEK’s address but I had to head up to the library to prepare for students to access their school email accounts. What I will say is that the speech must have been good, and the Link Crew and Teacher lead activities must have been as well, because every group that came up to the computer lab had smiles on their faces and were eager to go. I wish this post was able to provide a summary of all the subgroup sessions, but I can only speak to what I did for my half of the day.

I think the #Freshmen1stDay went well. It’s a good tradition. I think it helped with adjusting to the size of their “new pond.” With all of the AP classes ERHS offers, our great athletic programs, school clubs, visual and performing arts courses, and amazing Academic Decathlon program, our Dons have all everything they need to grow back into their former “Big Fish” status.

Did you lead a small group on a tour? Ice breaker activity? Lunch? Reply to this post and let us know how it went…