Today, we conclude our first Unit test. 3 short answer essays in 45 min (that was yesterday) and 49 multiple choice questions in 40 min. This, of course, is modeled after the actual AP exam. There were a lot of stunned faces out there. To which I responded: take a breath guys. This was the first time you’ve ever had to take a test like THIS. Of course it kicked your butt. But that’s ok. This is is we learn. Now you know that the effort you put in to study for a middle school test is not enough for a high school AP test.

Not that I’m being elitist. But this is a conversation I’ve had many time with my freshmen in the past 4 weeks. This is a big step up. Take a breath. Now you know what to expect.

So for my parents: you guys need to take a breath too! There are 2 more units before the semester ends. If they learned their lesson, they will do better next time, and the averages will improve.

I would also like you to take into consideration all the extra curricular activities your child participates in. Sports. Music. Clubs. TV. Babysitting. Helping around the house. All your weekend visits to los compadres or family. Be prepared to see a dip in their grades because you still want to take a long 3-day or 4-day weekend in Vegas. Try to schedule those vacations around summer.
Your child needs to figure out how to juggle all of these things. Maybe some things need to be cut back… I’d start with TV. And make sure you give them positive support. Together, your child we acclimate to the work level of high school and honors/AP courses. IMG_3215.JPG