This month’s Olweus Character Counts was a review of the 6 Pillars of Character. Students were shown a PowerPoint summarizing the ideas of each Character. In small groups, students were assigned one of the pillars of character to then create a list of norms and behaviors that will be expected of all students in at school. Finally, students were to create a poster that contained a visual component that tied into their pillar, as well as two behavioral norms that would be expected.

For this lesson, I had students use some 21st century skills as well. We used Edmodo to facilitate the online discussion by using the small group feature. I created small groups where students could discuss the prompt with out sharing everything on the class page. I then had students use Google Drawings to take a generic example of a poster and modify it to fit their pillar. Finally, I will have students use Twitter or Instagram to ask for a minimum of 25 RTs or Likes.

So without further ado, here is the poster my students discussed and created completely online.