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This is Melody Romero's embedded map.

This is Melody Romero’s embedded map.

We’ve all seen it: ‘Made in Taiwan’, ‘Made in Singapore’, etc. In the coming classes, we are going to explore the reason for this outsourcing of manufacturing and service jobs overseas, and understand where exactly these jobs are now located. But, it seems that different locations have different ‘specialties’ in terms of what they produce: clothing, electronics, sporting goods, etc. Your assignment is the following:

1.) Go to WalMart (or any major equivalent ‘big box’ store), and using the guidelines below, you will create a list of where things are made by looking at their tags, product stamps, etc. Specifically:

o Find 10 items in the clothing section (i.e., Dockers Men’s Pants, made in Cambodia) and write down the name of the article of clothing and where it was made

o Find 10 items in the home furnishings section (i.e., pillows, coffee makers, towels, etc.) and do the same.

o Find 10 items in the sports section (i.e., footballs, golf balls, weights, etc.) and do the same.

o Find 10 items in the electronics section (i.e., TV’s, video games, phones, etc.) and do the same.

o Find 10 items in the detegent/cleaner/napkin/paper products section (i.e., laundry detergent, paper plates, bug spray, air freshener, etc.) and do the same

*** Do not find 10 identical items from the same manufacturer! (i.e.,,in the home furnishings part, find a pillow, toaster, blanket set, etc). The goal is to show a diversity of items and where they are made.

2.) Type up a list (preferably in a chart or table format), and show where each of these products were made. You will have 50 items when done, and one idea to help you along is to structure it as follows:

Type of Item (i.e. clothing): Name of Item (be specific): Where was it made?




3.) Using a blank world map, plot where each of these items was made. Use the following key:

● On the map, put a # 1 over the countries where the clothing was made. You will have ten #1 marks on the map total (ex: if Indonesia made four of these items, put #1 on that country four times, etc.)

● # 2 goes on the locations where home furnishings were made, # 3 goes where the sporting goods were made, #4 for electronics, and #5 for cleaners/paper products.

4.) With this information, do the following tasks:

1. In one paragraph, discuss the following: write a summary for each of the five general types. Summarize where the majority of all goods are produced, other countries that may have been significant, and any countries that surprised you.

2. In one paragraph, discuss the following: Do you see any patterns between the type of good and where it was produced? (i.e., did all/most of the clothing items come from China? Were they pretty spaced out across different countries? etc.)

3. In one paragraph, discuss the following: Speculate on why certain items are produced these items at these locations? What motivates companies to move jobs to these locations?

Here is an example of student work for the Made In Taiwan project:

1st Period: Sureya Obregon     Serena Perez        Leslie Plaza          Melody Romero

2nd Period: Steve Acuna     Daniel Godoy     Georjean Ortega     Emily Salas     Andrew Sepulveda     Narai Soto

4th Period: Devenie Anchondo     Taylor Banuelos     Stephanie Calderon     Jeffrey Car     Maria Castillo     mia galarza     Erick Garcia     Katherine Herrera     dominique jimenez     Omar Lopez     Brian Montoya     Melissa Ochoa     Lara Roman-Lopez     Rodrigo Saldana     Adriana Sanchez     Anthony Silva     Aranza vazquez

There are more examples from 5th and 6th period, but I will showcase their talents in another post.