Critical and Creative Thinking questions are found at the end of each chapter of our AP Human Geography textbook. There are usually 5+ questions for students to choose from. Students submit a rough draft through Turnitin.com. The Turnitin.com program checks for plagiarism against its own database of papers and by comparing phrases to information found on the internet. It gives students a report, and students can fix these plagiarist errors, and then resubmit the paper.

Students are then required to read and comment on a set number of papers. Because Turnitin.com already identifies spelling and grammatical errors, student comments are usually based on how to fix a sentence phrase or to let the author know that his ideas or examples were unclear.

Students use this feedback to adjust their final answer, and then submit a Revision draft, which I grade. In order to streamline the process, I give a grammer/spelling score from 1-4 points and an explanation score from 0-6 points. Below are examples of the better written answers.

Noe Lopez CCT2 (1)

Jaqueline Ascencio CCT_2.docx

Fernando Casillas CCT_2_Revision.txt

Rosa Melendez CCT2 (2)

melissa ochoa CCT_2 (2)

Mia Galarza Critical_Thinking_Questions_2

Dominique Jimenez Untitled_document (1)

Miguel Aguirre Untitled_document (1)