Group Activity #1: Languages Spoken in the United States

You may be surprised to know that every state in the United States has between 10–500 different languages that are spoken by groups of people! The vast majority of these languages are either ‘dead’ (i.e., have not been spoken in generations), or are those that are used by a very small group of people (sometimes as few as 5–10 people of a given group). Because voting is such an important event in the United States, many individual state governments disagree on how inclusive to make it. Some states want to encourage its citizens to learn English by making it an official language for voting while others make voting instructions and ballots available in the popular languages of its citizens. In any event, the goal of this exercise is to make you aware of the policies of each state.

Students were asked to do some research and create an infographic to share this research. This is their second attempt an an infographic, as seen from this blog post, and here are the better examples:

Leslie     Karina     Fernando     Paola     Sarah     Julio     alondra     Maria     Omar    veronica     Miguel     Sinai     Bethany     Danielle     Greg     Nancy     Klarissa