“Starter Kits” is a recent trend on Twitter, where you try to encapsulate an individual’s personality and/or physical characteristics using 4 images, accompanied by the text “______” starter kit. Depending on the intent of the user, the tweet can either be something to nod your head in agreement with or used with sarcasm/malice. For example, one of my students created the Mr. Rojo starter kit.

As you can see, my student boiled down my identifiable characteristics into 4 images: my MOvember mustache, my #AmericanoThursdays Starbucks purchase, my constant recommendations of UCI as a future university choice for my students (class of 2002 ZOT Zot!), and my favorite grey vans.
By the way, I though she did a great job.

So last night, I decided to offer an impromptu extra credit assignment. Create an “starter kit” for one of our AP Human Geography terms: Americanization.
Americanization is the idea that as American MultiNational Companies (MNC) create new markets in foreign countries, they inadvertently spread American values and attitudes.

This type of assignment would be a level 2 DOK. It requires students to convert the verbal components of the definition into visual examples. This would be similar to a collage activity. For more info about Depth of Knowledge (DOK) use the link.

Here are some examples of what my students came up with: