Spreaker is an app that creates a podcast. The good news is this app for your mobile device can be live streamed to the internet or recorded and uploaded later, when you are in wifi range. Students could “tune in” to the broadcast from your classroom while sick at home or revisit info that was discussed in class. The bad news is there are very little editing features. Turn your phone sideways and you get a small mixing board. You can fade in 2 different songs, select from 3 different sound effects (limited choices), turn your mic on/off, and pause the recording.

It is also useful as a “reteaching” tool for portions of the textbook or lecture. You can record “segments,” title the specific topic, and then add tags, such as Class Title and Chapter number. This allows you to build a library of explanations.

Here is my first attempt. I wanted to make a correction to a topic we discussed in class. Here is my 6 min reteaching “podcast” on Spanglish.

SPREAKER is the “audio only” version of USTREAM.