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Last week, our AP Human Geography classes successfully attempted its first Socratic Seminar. I was able to attend a lunch and learn training session given by Mrs. Senteno-Tapia, and she gave us a link to an AVID Resource for Socratic Seminars. She had 8-10 students model the activity, and that really helped me wrap my head around what it looks like and how the rubric worked.

Because this was our first Socratic Seminar, I neglected to take snapshots of the classes or create a Vine Video. Maybe that was a good thing, because I think it would have made the students even more nervous.

Students were asked to complete a Google Form to provide feedback. Roughly half the class completed the form, and all but 2 students said they really liked the format of the Socratic Seminar. I initially neglected to ask for student names and the period they had the class… but have since updated the form so it is ready for next time.

I think this is an activity that I will attempt at least 2 more times in the second semester and will continue to use in the AP Human Geography course.