Spring break work:
1. Reread the textbook and answer the review questions for self-assessment. Don’t know the answer? Then read the chapter again. 
2. I recommended 2 APHuG exam prep books and a set of 400+ flashcards that can be purchased from Amazon (each are approx $15). Students can work on any of these during the break. 
3. I will also be sharing a 60+ page document that another veteran AP HuG teacher, Allison Hunt, makes available for her students to review for the test. This document will be made available later this week on Edmodo. Students can download it and save to their Google drive OR save it in their iBook app (those with iPhones). 
4. Students should also review their vocabulary flashcards. 

When we return from break, we will continue working on our last chapter. I have made room for 3 weeks of in-class review before the AP exam. During that time, we will take a practice exam under the same conditions as the exam. Students will be checked out of their classes for the entire day, we will take a released test, break for lunch, and then grade the test. This will help students avoid the shell shock of