AP Human Geography students: This blog doesn’t explain gentrification, but it’s the reason behind the what’s happening to the shop. It will make more sense after we cover Urban Geography.

Soccer in NYC

The stretch of Morgan Ave. between Williamsburg and Bushwick presents a drab, chain-link industrial landscape marked by old train tracks and multiple plastic bag manufacturers. Cool street art dresses up some of the corrugated metal walls, but careful the murals don’t distract you from the 18-wheelers careening away from the nearby depots or turning into the Boar’s Head Factory lot. It can be a harrowing bike ride east to the relative calm on the other side of Flushing Ave.  While making this ride, I have always looked forward to turning the corner and reaching Golazo Sport, a bright Latino soccer oasis smack dab in the epicenter of hipsterdom (Full disclosure: I live in Bushwick).

Golazo Sport seemed like a typical independently owned, urban soccer shop — folded jerseys stacked toward the ceiling, the top of the walls lined with soccer posters — but the store has a long history. Golazo has sold uniforms to teams in weekend leagues around the Tri-state Area since 1989.


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