I asked students to write a game review for an environmental game called The Climate Challenge game. Students were given the opportunity to earn extra credit for posting their review (after a few suggestions/edits from me) on their blogs. I even game the opportunity for someone to create a youtube review, showing the game in action. Here is an example of one of my students using their phone (I love BYOD, whether they are super polished or low tech) to create a youtube review!


    BBC Climate Change Game Review

By Kayla Perez

Climate challenge lets players live out a broad way of viewing globalization through a political perspective and is one most successful serious video games out there

In the game you must act as the “President of the European Nations” and reduce your people’s carbon emissions over the course of a century(decade by decade), while remaining popular enough to stay in office.

This may sound dull, but it is the complete opposite! As humans climate change is one of the most important factors that affect our environment and how we live; It is  is one of the most dynamic and thought-provoking situations we have out there.

The game lasts ten turns, each spanning a decade between 2000 and 2100. A turn consists of selecting up to 5 policy cards, each of which will use up or add certain resources. For example, to “Send…

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