Ok, you caught me. I went for the flashy title. It really should read “AP Human Geography Freshmen participated in AVIDs #GiveBack.” All credit belongs to Mr. Alonso and his Junior AVID class. They identified homelessness and hunger as an issue and designed an action plan to make an impact. They collected donations of food and clothing, organized a food prep event, and then went to downtown Los Angeles to distribute it to the homeless people in Skid Row.

What an amazing opportunity for students to take part in the #GiveBack on so many levels. Students had a chance to see how everyday food items they take for granted can have such a powerful affect on those in need. Students could see the need for clothing items they may have discarded because they were old or out of style. And more importantly for my 9th graders, to see students a few years older organizing this event. I really looked at this as a moment to empower and inspire my students to do something to help their local community.

I also asked my students to write blog posts about their personal experience of prepping food and distributing it. Take a moment and read their perspectives. Here are a few of their blog posts:

Christina Cruz – Kayla Perez

Joshua Esqueda – Bianca Arias

Rene Gallegos – Maggie Grisco

Jacqueline Beltran – Ivette Franco

Maarqui Calvo – Carolyn Contreras

Giselle Canales – Selina Torres

Yazlin Juarez