Dear Moms and Dads,

As your child prepares to enter High School, talking with your 8th grade Counselor about your soon to be 9th grader taking an AP class can leave you filled with doubt. So let me clear up some of the ambeguity.

Why take an AP class if it won’t help with college applications? It will help. Let’s break down the scenarios:

  • Passes Class & AP: Your child is a freshmen and is already successfully doing college level work. Win
  • Passes Class but not AP: Your child challenged her/himself, kept up with a curriculum designed with high rigor, and came up short on the exam. Now they have experience with a high stakes test that should make next year more successful. 
  • Passes AP but not class: Your child is capable of internalizing college level material, but may need help balancing their homework-after school activities-family responsibilities. If they get a 2 or higher (3 is a passing grade on the AP), I will adjust their grade on their official transcripts. 
  • Fails the class and does not pass the AP: This is the worst case scenario, but let’s look at the positives. Your child gained experience in understanding what the rigor is like in an AP class. This will allow for a great opportunity for self reflection…Was the class too rigorous? Did your student not put in their best effort? Did they complete assignments? Did the study (glance at the material) or did they STUDY? If the answers are mostly no, then this experience will help them in their 10th grade year. If the answers were mostly yes, then it’s time to talk to the counsellors to see how we can best assist your child. 

    What can I (as a parent) do to help? Same things you’ve done in the past: check parent portal for scores and when assignments are due. I will always post the assignment (explanation and due date) when the assignment is given. I will always post scheduled tests at the start of the unit. 

    Talk to your children and ask them what we talked about. If they can explain it to you, then they truly understand it. 

    Email me. 

    Check on their progress. Just because they are in HS doesn’t mean it’s time to cut the apron strings yet. 


    One last thing I want to mention. Your child will have to read at home. I will provide a reading guide (graphic organizer) and there will be weekends where your child will have to work. This is the life of an AP kid. Please, check with your child’s HW calendar before planning vacations and road trips. Not because you can’t take them… But because they may need to take their book with them and do work in the car-plane-hotel.