You know… I’ve always wondered what defined jelly, jam, and preserves.


All better days start with a person, deciding that that moment would be different from the rest, and in this day and age, we need all the better days we can get. A plethora of injustices and limitations continue to plague society, and one would have to be delusional to deny the impending reality of it.

Thankfully, the city of Pico Rivera has risen to the occasion to do their part in relieving the burdens unjustly imposed on the homeless citizens of Southern California. El Rancho High School’s AVID program, as well as various adult AVID representatives, initiated a large-scale food drive for the vagrants that linger on the Skidrow area of Los Angeles. Before they could go over to help though, they would need nearly a hundred or so lunches: that’s where the AP HuG students came in.

Mr. Rojo offered some final extra credit points to those of his…

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