AP Human Geography Wall of Fame

2015-2016 Class

Special congratulations to Fatima Lopez, the 1st student in ERUSD and El Rancho HS to earn a “5” on the AP Human Geography Class.

Student Name Score
Lopez, Fatima N. 5
Canales, Giselle 4
Castellanos, Jessica 4
Escobar, Antonio G. 4
Grisco, Maggie I. 4
Juarez, Yazlin I. 4
Patel, Mohit M. 4
Roldan, Deanna E. 4
Bobadilla, Carlos U. 3
Calvo, Maarqui B. 3
Castillo, Lexy D. 3
Joseph, Dylan T. 3
Lopez, Emily M. 3
Martinez, Julien J. 3
Mendoza, Draven E. 3
Perez, Kayla M. 3
Rincon, Abigail B. 3
Sierra, Johnny D. 3
Villa, Jaydey E. 3

2014-2015 Inaugural Class


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